Monday, November 16, 2009


Having a well organized walk in wardrobe can make your busy life much easier! A walk in wardrobe is something us girls dare only dreamt about. Room full of shoes, clothes, compartments for make ups, perfumes, accessories, I can stay and sleep in the wardrobe if I have to. But with a proper planning and creativity, this dream can be real. What you need to know to have your own walk in wardrobe?

The first step when looking to create your walk in wardrobe is to allocate a room or space. It doesn’t have to be big, depending on your space and usage, you can have a create a walk in wardrobe even with little space. For example, if you have modest size room, you can either create a partition or simply a built in wardrobe with extended space for the sliding glass door. Once you have a room or space in mind, it is time to think logically about the storage space you need. Collect all your clothes, shoes and accessories and begin to count them up. How many full length rails will you need for long dresses and coats? How many half rails will you need for tops and skirts? Do you need a solution to store your belts and scarves? Once you have noted down all your requirements, this will translate to your design wardrobe.

Once you have the requirements, then it is advised to stared shopping for wardrobe designers or carpenters to do the job. To keep costs down why not have an open plan wardrobe without doors or hang a basic curtain as a cheaper alternative to wooden doors.

Remember your walk in wardrobe does not have to be on the spectacular scale of those you see on films. Instead be realistic to your home and budget and remember, once the basics are established, you can update the room with new handles, carpet, mirrors and lightings as the spare money becomes available. These small details will add up to the design and looks of your wardrobe.

So enjoy your walk in wardrobe. Be creative. Your wardrobe should reflect your personality, Don’t be scared to decorate your rooms with your personal things or colors. When in this room you should feel confident, energetic and daring to wear whatever takes your fancy each morning.

This wardrobe has a Hers and His spaces.

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