Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kitchen, Kitchen, Kitchen

Kitchen is my personal space in the house (aside from my walk-in wardrobe and my bath tub of course hehe). I have so many ideas on how my dream kitchen would be like. All white would look clean and pure, white and veneer wood color looks serious, stainless steels looks industrial chic, black and grey looks happening, and red looks vogue. Im spoilt for choices. For my first house, I suppose i'll go all white, its the safest color, and everlasting. But Im all out to try all the other designs for my next houses after this (if any) :-) Here are more kitchen designs (refer to my earlier posts for more kitchen designs )
This spice rack is so orderly and organized in its cute little shelves.
I found some pictures with kitchen chalk board! Its actually a cool idea for my wet kitchen, might make my kitchen looks fun and entertaining.

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