Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tips for Top Styles

Comprehensive planning can turn your dream home into a reality. Check out these tips extracted from " Square Room" magazine.

Living Room

1. Note down the direction of the afternoon sun. Appropriate window furnishings can help block out the heat while still letting in natural lights.

2. Map out where major pieces of furniture (tv set, sofa, coffee table etc) are going to go. Is your leather couch going to heat up in the afternoon sun?
3. Measure all proposed furniture to ensure your living room can comfortably accommodate them.
4. Proportions are very important so while that 6 seater sofa might look good in the showroom, it might not even fit into your living room.

Dining Room
1. Unless your dining area is long and narrow, a round dining table is most ideal.
2. before indulgin in a grand, fully festooned dining set, make sure you have enough space so that all chairs can be fully pulled out with enough walkway space.
3. Consider adding a small cabinet so you can display a fine China or even wine glasses. It will add personality and class to a plain room and offer extra storage space.


1. If you are thinking of an open concept ktchen, a counter top dividing the kitchen and a dining area provides an alternative dining spot and a practical and functional tabletop for preparing food and entertaining guests.

2. Always measure appliances like fridge, microwave and toasters to ensure you have adequate space to cater to these bulky items.

3. Ample light is integral in the kitchen, especially during food preparation and cooking. Make sure there is adequate natural light during the day and illumination at night.


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