Thursday, November 26, 2009

Artistic furniture

It’s a bit loopy, but the bent-wood ‘Artistic 4 Chaise’ fits the curves of your body within its unusual design. Handmade from British Oak, this lounger will certainly be a conversation piece in any home or outdoor area.

Pod lounge chair gives you the secluded feeling of being included in a protective circular shell. It is made up of lightweight, structural foam with a marine grade vinyl exterior from WeatherTex. It is both durable and seemingly luxurious.
This is a Teenage Furniture concept design submitted by Roberta Rammê from Brazil for an international design competition, and she named it “wave chaise”.

The Maze Bookcase by Woodloops offers an entertaining, eco-friendly way to store and display books and décor. The designer says that Woodloops furniture, made of FSC-certified wood, “covey our original views to common behaviors, weaving known circumstances into new and curious concepts”.

Birdy chair is a great addition to any modern interior. It’s handmade of wood, liana and leather. The dried liana is made flexible and easy to handle by hot water steam and wrapped on the frame made of wood. When the liana is dried again it is very strong and hard to break.

Benches don’t have to be bland and boring. This unusual, artistic design by Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz features a long and narrow stretch of wood that seems to have swallowed a number of wooden chairs. The resulting composition allows face-to-face conversation as well as isolation from the rest of the people seated on the bench, and the fact that the wood grain is aligned on every piece gives it a cohesive look that tones down a bit of the chaos.

If you are interested in ultra-modern, minimalist and/or industrial design, the Soft Pipe Lounge is a piece of furniture worth a close look. The seat was designed by Samanta Snidaro and Andrea Fino and made from large iron pipes and has a soft, but not exactly plush, leather cover over the actual seat area of the chaise.

Designer Mathias Koehler has come up this thing, the "Rocking Wheel Chair" that features an overhead light for reading. It also features scary as hell styling and comes complete with a sense that it will tear your heart out and eat it before it's done beating.

With serpentine legs that resemble nothing so much as octopus tentacles, the ‘r.n.i.’ series of tables by Chul An Kwak is actually inspired by images of running horses. Sculpted from wood, these designs offer the same sort of flat surface you’d see in a conventional table but with legs that seem kinetic and alive.

This Alien-inspired table is supported by a sculpture made almost entirely from recycled materials like spoons, wrenches and car parts. The maker of this unique piece also create tables and chairs inspired by Star Wars. (my husband gonna looove this :-D)

The Gravity Lounger by Varier Furniture has an unconventional design, but it certainly looks comfortable. The makers claim that sitting in this chair is “probably the closest you’ll ever get to zero gravity”, reclining to the point where you feel almost weightless. It can also be positioned upright to work at a desk.

The Tentacle Bench by Carpenter’s Wood Gallery seems to have a mind of its own, with curvilinear wooden slats collapsing into a pile to one side of the bench and then traveling up the wall like ivy.

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