Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Study Corner

My husband wanted to have a study room, which he said will be like his personal space. But because we cant have a full room for a study room, I decided to create for him a study or rather a reading corner. There's this one big room in our house, which I wanted to convert into a TV room. And it is large enough to accommodate a small study area at the side. I am now exploring ideas and designs for a TV cum study room. I have been toying with so many ideas on how to combine this two.

I have found many designs for bookcase and reading corner. Now I have to picture how I should combine this two.

I like these cute cozy little corner for reading. Add another table and its a complete study space for my hubby.

I'd love to have this book shelves. It looks so conventional than a normal bookshelves, and it doubles as a cute decoration too!This looks similar to our room (without the glass ceiling, of course :-D ). There's only 2 solid walls and the rest are glass doors. Perhaps I can have something like this, with the study corner at the far end of this room. But then the book case might have to stand against the glass door. I wonder if that would look nice.
Or I can just combine the two and have the bookcase behind the sofas.

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