Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tips to a successful Laundry Room

No matter what your laundry room situation, make ways to make it more efficient and inviting.
People in most households spend an estimated time of five to seven hours a week in their laundry rooms, yet these spaces are often drab, and dull.

Nowadays, many households have their own laundry area. Sometimes laundry facilities have a room to themselves, but some just a recessed closet-size area in the hallway, or yard area, or some even convert their store room into a laundry cum utility room. Though laundry space is often limited, simple planning and small compromises can maximize your washing space

  • Choose between open or closed storage. Laundry rooms need storage because they often act as a household's drop-off point. Detergents, and cloth softeners and other accessories must be place for easy accessible in cabinets above the washer and dryer.
  • Determine your priorities first, especially if the space around the washer and dryer is limited. Do you want place only for washer and dryer? Do you need place for ironing your cloths, storage for your detergents and other accessories? Is there enough space for hanging some cloths?

  • Add on lightings. Paint the walls. Make it into a bright, inviting and comfortable space, for an enjoyable time doing the chores.

  • An overhead shelving or cabinet unit is a smart move to make, since it demands no floor space. Add open shelves for your detergents.

  • A system for presorting dirty clothes, such as wire baskets, can be a good idea. Add a countertop work space above the baskets, which supplies an excellent place for folding clothes
  • Install a hideaway ironing board.
To have a room by itself to store laundry and utilities stuff will only remain as my wishful thinking for now. My rooms are very limited, and with only the 2 of us at home, we rarely do our laundry. So we will make do with just a laundr corner for now at our wet kitchen area.

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