Monday, June 7, 2010

Wishlist: Shoes Shoes Shoes Wardrobe!

What do most ladies dream of having? Shoe cabinets like those of the celebrities' shoe cabinet, of course! I spend hours day dreaming about how my ultimate shoe walk in wardrobe would look like. So these are some pictures that all fashion lovers would dream to have.

Ladies, you are gonna love these....

Paula Abdul, the former American Idol judge has an impressive walk-in closet in her 5,000 square foot Mediterranean style home in the San Fernando valley. All her outfits and coordinating accessories are numbered with tags so she can easily pack for trips and events. Her impressive shoe collection is made up mostly of high-heels—"I always wear heels unless I'm working out," says Paula Abdul.

Owwwh I love this the most! Even half of this room would be more than enough for me. All I need is the shoes be stored in a walk-in-room, with built in full length cabinet with lots of shelves, a full length mirror, an absolutely marvelous lighting, and a nice bench! (owh please throw in a gorgeous ladder also for me to reach the top shelves) walllah my dream come true (and lots of shoes shopping after that)

..i can make do with this! It can fit 64 shoes!! (yup, I count)

Oh boy, I cannot make up my mind; do I love her cabinet or her shoes more?

Multi tier shoe cabinet?

.....And I'll be happy with just this for now :-) (my new shoe cabinet, which I'm trying to get the contractor to install the lighting - again camera phone quality)

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