Tuesday, December 8, 2009

25 Tropical House in Indonesia - by Amir Sidharta

Other than buying home decor magazines, I also love to hang around Kinokuniya or Times bookstore or even MPH for their amazing architectural home design books. Although I must refrain myself from buying these books, coz it cost me bomb, regrettably these books have a great deal of information and knowledge and the graphics are damn amazing.

This is among the books that's in my wishlist to buy.

by Amir Sidharta

"25 Tropical Houses in Indonesia" offers a selection of the best contemporary architecture in the archipelago, ranging from a new type of urban shop house to dramatic and flamboyant buildings emerging from the countryside. Drawing on classical Indonesian aesthetics and conventions and blending these with dynamic, cutting-edge design ideas, modern architecture in Indonesia has become dramatically aligned with international concepts of space, incorporating stunning local elements and materials.
Under the same series they also have "25 Tropical House in Malaysia and Singapore".

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